During Construction: Save the Roots, Save the Trees

Set up tree protection guidelines and monitor compliance – from initial grading of the lot to final landscaping and irrigation.

Maintain CRZ fencing. Mark access routes, storage areas and refuse sites.

Keep backhoes and other root destroying equipment away from roots, especially in the CRZ.

Avoid soil compaction. Park in the street, not under shade trees!

Use boring or tunneling methods when utilities are in the CRZ, since most roots are close to the surface. Or dig hand trenches to avoid cutting roots.

Do not allow disposal of paints, oils, unused mortar or other potentially toxic materials anyplace on the site.

If pruning is required, use correct National Arborist Association specifications. Do not expect pruning (or fertilizing) to compensate fully for destroyed roots.

Keep the CRZ well watered during construction to avoid extra stress on trees. Saturate the top 4-6 inches of soil.

For more information on tree preservation, please visit www.treescape.org

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