Pruning Tips

How To Prune

Inspect the tree first and determine what needs to be pruned. Some examples of limbs which should be removed include the following: crowded, rubbing and narrow branch angles, double leaders, root suckers and water sprouts. When removing these branches, always prune back to the main trunk or the next largest branch being careful not to prune into the branch collar nor leave a pronounced stub. The branch collar is the swelled area near the base of the limb. Always make a clean cut to accelerate wound closure. Wound dressings do not prevent rot. Lopping shears should be used on branches smaller than 3/4″ in diameter. To avoid peeling bark, remove larger branches with a saw utilizing the 3 cut method. Incorrect pruning methods can cause costly problems. Discuss the maintenance of your trees with an arborist. When hiring a tree care company, seek out professionals who can provide references and proof of insurance.

Three-Cut Method


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