Celtis occidentalis

Usually a large size tree normally about 60′ tall having a symmetrical crown.

Leaves: alternate, simple, ovate 2 to 4″ long, thick, rough above and edges are toothed toward the long point.

Flowers: Male and female on same tree, April or May with creamy greenish color.

Fruit: oblong, round, berry, dark purple, 1/3″ in diameter, ripening in September.

Twigs: slender, zigzag, smooth, terminal buds, absent, 3 bundle scars, leaf scars, oval to crescent shaped.

Bark: Gray-brown to silvery gray, several corky warts, scaly on old trees.

Comments: Not recommended for landscape planting, fruit is a source of food for turkey birds, pheasant, and grouse, tree is occasionally planted for decorative purposes, thrives in rich, moist, alluvial soils.

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