Green Ash

Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Usual size is up to 70′, somewhat narrowed crown.

Leaves: deciduous, compound, opposite, about 10 to 12″ in length and consisting 7-9 leaflets that are about 5″ long, 1-2″ wide, bright green above and slightly paler below, turning yellow or sometimes purple in autumn.

Flowers: April – May, dioecious, male and female flowers on separate trees.

Fruit: Ripe in early fall, 1-2″ long, wing about 1/6″ wide.

Twigs: slender, round in cross section between nodes, leaf buds dark red-brown, sitting on top of a half-round leaf scar.

Bark: light brown when young, turning gray brown to black, flat ridges, and furrowed.

Comments: Fast growing, great fall color and tolerates a wide range of conditions.

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