FORESTRY Dead Tree Removal

deadtreeThe Urban Forestry Division is currently accepting requests for dead tree removal from street rights-of-way. To report a dead tree to the Urban Forestry Division, please call the 311 Houston Service Center. You can reach the Service Center by dialing 3-1-1 on your touch-tone telephone. You may also use the 311 e-mail form to submit your request.

Tips for identifying a dead tree:

  • Leaves are brown during the summer
  • Tree loses its leave during the summer
  • Tree keeps losing limbs
  • The surface beneath the bark of the tree is brown (To check, take a pocket knife and scrape the surface just below the bark – if surface beneath the bark is green, then the tree is not dead)

What is the street right-of-way?
The street right-of-way is the grassy area that abuts sidewalks on one side and streets on the other. Work crews will remove dead trees from this area. If the dead tree is located on private property, it is the property owner‘s responsibility to properly remove the tree.

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