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Tree Ordinances Can Help Lower Electric Bills

GAINESVILLE, Florida, July 6, 2000 (ENS) Municipal ordinances are a good way to preserve urban tree canopies and lower city residents’ summer electricity bills, a University of Florida (UF) study suggests. The study by UF geography researchers used a new method to compare the tree canopy in Gainesville, which has a strict tree ordinance, with

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Live Oak’s Popularity Could be its Undoing

Forestry experts say diversity with trees is vital to health, abundance. The live oak, with its stately canopy that spreads shade over a wide area, is easily the most popular tree in Houston. Perhaps a bit too popular. Surveys of various local neighborhoods consistently show that 60 percent to 70 percent of the trees on

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Gel-Gravel-Soil Mix Gives City Trees Room to Grow

Trees bring both comfort and measurable benefits to urban environments. The problem is that tree roots don’t flourish under all that pavement. Now scientists think they may have found the answer. “The way we lay pavement is antithetical to how we want trees to grow,” said Nina Bassuk, director of the Urban Horticultural Institute at

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FORESTRY Dead Tree Removal

The Urban Forestry Division is currently accepting requests for dead tree removal from street rights-of-way. To report a dead tree to the Urban Forestry Division, please call the 311 Houston Service Center. You can reach the Service Center by dialing 3-1-1 on your touch-tone telephone. You may also use the 311 e-mail form to submit

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Trees, Plants & the Environment … Cities Become Community Forests

As our cities grow larger and faster than ever before, trees and plants are vitally important if our urban communities are to survive for generations. Right now, we’re behind. In fact, the 126-year-old non-profit group American Forests says our cities have cut down so many more trees than we have planted, the nation now has

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Texas Forest Service to Help Galveston Recover From $48 Million Loss

May 8, 2009–GALVESTON, Texas –As the island continues to recover from Hurricane Ike, a dedicated urban forester will be needed to help city officials make daily tree decisions and Texas Forest Service is willing to help shoulder the cost. The state agency is prepared to offer the City of Galveston financial support for the development

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